It's getting chilly!

Ok!! It's getting chilly and you know what that means. The "C" word. Or lets say "Holiday" time. Yeah, that's better! For anyone actually looking at this blog thing, I know it's been a bit since I posted anything. But actually the last couple of new kinda fairs that happened were great! I have one more before the snows fall!! In Glencoe on October 17th and 18th. I am sure it'll be a brisk, if not a freezing cold weekend...just pray it doesn't rain! Or snow. Yikes. But with the proper attire I think it'll be fun! Masks of course, gloves and hand sanitizer too! Something hot to drink and my beautiful jewelry to look at! What could be more fun...? A tropical beach you say?? Tuscany? Paris? Well, sorry. You'll have to settle for me!! Seriously, I'm pretty fun. Come out to Glencoe and see! It's the last outdoor event I'm doing this year. What a year it was folks. But we are almost through it with 2021 to look forward to. It's gonna be GREAT!! See you soon I hope and stay healthy and wear your masks!!

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