The New Normal...?

Well folks....I pretty much hate this whole thing right now. My most favorite thing in the world (besides seeing my kids) is being out in the Summer time doing art shows and fairs and seeing all the people who also love art fairs and shows. I promise never to complain about the hard work setting up my display or packing it up, or not being able to remember where I parked, or the heat or the wind, or even the rain ever again if we can just get back to that some day. It's not a secret that it's probably not happening this season. I'm holding out hope for maybe the late Summer or early Fall but I know it's a long shot. So this all brings me this....I'm actually working on my website!! I am photographing (not great...) and downloading and uploading and posting new work! Please browse around and tell your friends to have a look. And since zoom is mostly how we see each other now, wear pretty earrings and necklaces!!!! Miss you and I really hope to see anybody again out in the summer heat, sweating my butt off in my tent someday again. Until then, stay home and stay well. Cheers!!

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