Happy Holidays!!

Ok....so our Pop Up shop is wrapping up and I'm so sad about it! It was so much fun being there and working there and meeting and becoming friends forever with the pop up artists I worked with there. But I hope everyone who reads this (Both of you...!) are enjoying the season. It's not quite over yet! 

And now new things are on the horizon. I'm plotting my strategy for my Tucson trip and thinking hard about what I hope to collect while I'm there. And scheduling the Spring Summer Fall fair circuit. As applications are completed and I've gotten all my responses I will post my events here. Some surprises in that regard this coming year I hope! In the mean time, sorry about my website. That's not really getting any better, is it? Well, as always I'm happy to send pictures of work to anyone who wants to see what I have not posted on my website. For example, this set pictured here is rainbow moonstone and black spinel and is killing me right now! LOVE IT. 

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