Never enough ICE! And I mean the crystal clear sparkly kind. The Tucson Gem Show kind!!

Yeah, well Baby it's cold outside, no doubt. But not to cold to keep you posted on what's going on with Camille Margaret Designs. The timing couldn't be more perfect. I am preparing to escape this frozen tundra ( i think the actual frozen tundra is warmer...) to Tucson and my favorite time of year...THE GEM SHOW!!!! OMG I'm so excited! As I've said a million times, if you haven't been to the gem show in February in Tucson Arizona, you can't imagine what you're missing. Words fail me. However, suffice it to say it's a good time. No matter what you're looking for. I, for one, am looking for things I've never seen before, things that blow my mind, things I can't live without and things I had no idea even existed. I will find all this and more there. And I will turn it all into one of a kind  pieces of jewelry....And here's the best part. I will work my fingers to the bone while there so I can bring back dozens of new gorgeous items for the first show of the year, "MADE"!! At Morgan Manufacturing in Chicago on February 10th. 11-5. Also just in time for Valentine's day! This will be a great event in an awesome warehouse space. Please come on out, it should have warmed up some by then...and I would love to see you! Pick up something shiny for your Valentine or yourself or BOTH!! Before all the ice melts!

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