"MADE" Valentine Party! February 10th at Morgan Manufacturing!

Well here we are, a brand new year! Lots of changes around here too. First pack away the decorations of the season and get to work on your resolutions. Mine? Make more really cool jewelry, of course! Stay up to date on my website and create treasures you just have to have!! So, I am off to scavenge the Tucson desert in search of all the gems and jewels and rocks I love and be completely blown away by things I've never seen before. Happens every year! So much fun. I highly recommend it. And just in time for another "MADE" art fair at Morgan Manufacturing 401 North Morgan street in Chicago. This will be the second time in this insanely cool warehouse space. You must come just to see the coolest ladies room in the city!! And....there's a bar in the back. Just say'in.  All that and loads of one of a kind, handmade items just in time for your Valentine's Day gift hunt! Please come on out and see what we've been up to! And Happy Valentine's Day!!

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