So Much New Stuff Happening!!

Well, it's been a busy few weeks in CMD (camille margaret designs) land! 

The Deer Park Art Fair was kinda crazy! It rained most of Saturday morning but all turned out beautifully by midday. Thanks to those who actually came out in the rain with umbrellas! And to everyone who came out and chatted with me and went away with some gorgeous items I hope make you happy every time you wear them.  So glad the weather cooperated after Saturday mornings shower! Yeah!

More important is what a great Tucson Gem Show trip I had this past week and how excited I am about all the new ideas I have! I will get to work and blow you away at THE ARBORETUM ART FAIR in South Barrington on October 6th and 7th. It's gonna be great! Come visit me there!!

And a deep and heartfelt thank you to my Tucson host family, friend of 50 years, indiscribably talented, beautiful woman and co conspirator in all things that sparkle and shine, Carrie Seid. You are gracious and generous beyond words, put your life on hold while I'm there every time (even when it refuses to hold!) and make us both laugh till we can't breathe. God, that's fun. Love you to (white and blue topaz) pieces! 

And once more folks, I promise to get more work posted on my website soon! But you can always convo me and I will be happy to send dozens of pictures of new work. :)

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