Crazy Fun!!

Hey People,

Thanks so much for all the amazing fun this weekend at The Festival of Fine Arts in Highland Park! And can you believe what a gorgeous weather weekend we had? It was insane!! And thanks for the great support and feedback. I am so happy when the items i love so much find happy homes! It was so good to see so many old friends and just hilariously entertaining all weekend long! 40 years you guys....Really???

So come hang out with me in Glencoe at the Festival of Art on July 28th and 29th and then Art at the Glen in Glenview on August 4th amd 5th. And lets hope it doesn't rain!!! I would love to see you all again! Thanks a million for enjoying the weekend with me! And a special thanks to Caren Cosby (my wingman!) and her Chevy Suburban!! ;)


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