Wrapping It Up!

Just gonna jump right in here. Please forgive me for (once again!) my pitiful etsy website! I know I keep saying I'm going to get better at it but somehow I keep getting worse! So....I'm afraid I must rely on the couple of people who read this to understand and just try to hunt me down at my art fairs or by texting or emailing me. I have many beautiful items and I guess texting or emailing pictures back and forth is my preferred methhod of communication. Also my instagram is thiscouldbeawhile so there's usually something pretty to see there! 

Moving on then....Thanks a million to everyone who endured blistering heat and a couple of thunderstorms over this past weekend to come out to Highland Park and the Port Clinton Art Festival!! It was such a pleasure to see each one of you and connect again around our shared love of what I will most respectfully refer to as "stones". It's all about the stones....a phrase I come back to again and again. I will try my best to make them even more beautiful and bring them to life so you can wear them. Such a great idea to me! 

So next up, and finally for the outdoor season for me is The Third Ward Art Fair in Milwaukee WI. I will confess, one of my most favorite shows of the year. I just love Milwaukee! It is this Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday, but not Monday...so if you're feeling like a little road trip, I highly recommend visiting this "gem" of a town! And the historic Third Ward is a fabulous area. Loads of art and food and fun things to see and do! 

That's all for now folks! Reach out to me for anything sparkly and beautiful! And come to Milwaukee for the Labor Day weekend!! 

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