WOW! all I can say and a huge thank you to everyone who came out and came away with my jewelry this past weekend in Barrington. What an amazing and fun crowd!! And the weather was spectacular! It was THE BEST!! It's such a pleasure to be back at it and outside and vaccinated and mask free (mostly :)) once again! We're still being safe and giving people space to shop and feel good about it. 

So...I have an addition to my schedule and that's Deer Park Art Festival on June 26th and 27th so if I missed you in Barrington, Deer Park isn't too far from there. Come visit me!!! 

One last thing: To the woman who I accidentilly wrapped up a mismatched pair of earrings...I am so so sorry!!! It was a little crazy and I know you were trying to decide between two different pairs and somehow I sent you off with one earring from each set. I do not have your contact info and I feel so terrible and stupid!! If you read this blog, by any miracle, I have the other mismatched set and will gladly send it to you for your trouble so you will have both pairs you loved. I hope you discover my error soon and call me!

Alright! That's it for now! See you all out there in the sweet sunshine (or rain!) soon!!

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