Labradorite chain and moss agate tassel necklace


I LOVE this design! First I need to mention how gorgeous this particular labradorite gem chain is. It really has tons of dreamy blue and green flashing in every one of these little stones. Plus it's a slightly larger gem chain than most of the ones I've used. So it's a bit heavier. The drop down part is a bezel set moss agate favorite of mine. This section has some great colors, the lavender and the green knock me out. This all leads down to a flirty tassel with more bezel set baubles dangling there. It's more delicate than it appears here. The stones at the bottom are about 6mm size. The perfect dangling size! There is ample extension chain in the back for added length around the neck if you want it. The area around the neck goes from 16 to about 20". Also the extension chain is a grossular garnet which is a crazy green chartreuse yellow gold color. Love it!!

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