Rainbow Moonstone and Black Spinel longest necklace


OMG. I adore this necklace. It's a whopping 42" and is just so beautiful. The Rainbow moonstones are all such beautiful specimens. They are absolutely on fire with rainbow flashing. The wire wrapped gem chain is as well, like tiny rainbows every one of them! The other stones are bezel set in oxidized sterling silver and are each a slightly irregular and different shape than the other. I have included two sets of three around this long strand of moonstones in this chain. Along side all this gorgeousness is the sparkling of the black spinel. In this part of the necklace I have included the smaller bezel set black spinel gem. There are two sets of five stones here. The two strands are just so fabulous together! A jumble of togetherness when tripled up around your neck. There is also a bit of extension chain with a moonstone bauble to dangle there. This is a spectacular piece. One you will want to wear all the time. And should!

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