Moss Agate tassel necklace


This necklace is full of the Moss Agate stone I'm in love with right now. All these little gems are set in oxidized sterling silver. The moss agate stones are all variations of the same stone, each one a different section of a beautiful stone. The colors are a gorgeous collection of warm earthy subtle tones that are naturally in harmony with each other. It makes me crazy how beautiful they are. And I couldn't really capture it in these pictures but some of the stones are translucent and the light that shines through them is amazing. Also, there are two slightly different sizes together in this necklace. It's a subtle thing....but nice detail. I have used a gray labradorite gem chain to pull all the parts together and in the tassel at the end. So much more to say about this beauty but I'll leave it to you for now! Oh...yes, there are a couple more inches of extension chain in the back as usual with a piece of moss agate dangling there.

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