Black Tiger eye and Labradorite pendant with Moss Agate necklace


This is getting hard! None of the stones I use come up as choices to list on this limiting website format so you'll have to put up with my long descriptions.
Magical Black Tiger eye and a firey labradorite pendant are suspended from a line of 4 bezel set moss agate stones. They all dangle from a sparkly black spinel chain to which I have added 2 sections of more moss agate stones. The beautiful thing about moss agate is it's color variety within the stone. Sometimes there's a pink piece, or a green or purple or brown or gold or orange or red or so many other earthy variations! It's killing me lately! I can't get enough. And it looks so warm and rich with all the labradorite and sapphire and black spinel I'm using. And then the black tiger eye....YUM! I have recently discovered it as more evidence of Mother Nature's magic. It's pairing quite nicely with the labradorite and moss agate in this gorgeous necklace. Forgive my enthusiasm...I can't help myself! And all this together happens to look beautiful around your neck.

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