Lavender chalcedony with rainbow moonstone and sapphire necklace


This necklace is so full of gorgeous details! I'll try to get it all down here for you! First, the teardrop pendant at the front is a piece of dreamy lavender chalcedony beautifully cut in a teardrop shape. This shade of chalcedony is unlike anything I've seen, it's just so creamy and subtle and heavenly! I've added a tiny little pink cz to keep it company. Above this yummy stone are three magical rainbow moonstones doing what they do best and just glowing like crazy with the right amount of rainbow flash. All these beauties are hanging from a multicolored sapphire gem chain, the softest pastel shades with so much magic! All sapphires!! I ADORE this chain! Seriously can't get enough of it! These colors just blend together perfectly. I want to see it on a gray t-shirt or sweater. This piece is 28" to the tip of the chalcedony stone and has another 3" of extension chain in the back with another rainbow moonstone gem dangling there. Gorgeous!!

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