Lemon Citrine pendant on natural Zircon gem chain


OMG....I adore this piece so much. The lemon citrine is on fire it sparkles so much. There's a perfect little labradorite gem dangling with it. But this chain is insane. I haven't used it before. It's a new addition to my treasure trove of spectacular stones. These are natural zircon gems. They are a kind of smokey collection of colors ranging from pale yellow to barely greens to chocolatey tones and some mauve pinks thrown in. And they sparkle like diamonds. I'm not kidding at all. They are so gorgeous and their size is just a touch on the lil bit larger side, a good 5mm size gem. It's perfect!!! It hangs at it's longest to 20". If you aren't using the dangly extension chain in the back it's 14" to the tip of the citrine pendant. This is a new favorite...I have some zircon left yet to play with (maybe matching earrings?) but this one is pure heaven. You deserve to treat yourself or someone you like a lot with this beauty.

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