Kyanite chain tassel necklace with green amethyst and labradorite


This is one of my favorite designs to hang around your neck. The total length is about 34 or 35" to the tip of the tassel but the neck part of the necklace is more like 20". I always include an extension chain to adjust the feel around your neck. So those are the measurement particulars, roughly speaking. The gem particulars are as follows! Kyanite. I love it! It has a very specific sparkle to it. This blue, light blue, lavender gem chain is all kyanite. I've combined it with a slightly larger raw multi sapphire chain in more subtle earthy colors. The tassel part is more kyanite down to a dreamy piece of pale green amethyst and a fabulous piece of wire wrapped labradorite. The combination of colors here knock me out! The extension chain in the back has another piece of wire wrapped labradorite, equally as beautiful as the one on the tassel in front!

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