Carnelian Teardrop Pendant on labradorite chain necklace


OK...I don't know which blows me away more, this gorgeous piece of whiskey caramel colored carnelian or this bezel set labradorite chain? I'll start with the carnelian pendant. I mentioned before I found these stones by accident on a treasure hunt in Tucson. They are a strange translucent shade of orange, red, gold, yellow, caramel, root beer, whiskey that just makes me crazy! The light kinda comes from inside when you hold it up. And the colors work so effortlessly with all the other colors I use! It was such a perfect addition to my arsenal of spectacular stones. And so lovely for Fall, if that matters to anyone. So, yeah. Yum. Then, I don't usually use so much bezel set labradorite chain in one piece but this one just screamed at me to do it! It's a lot of stone. And a lot of silver. And a lot of chain but so so beautiful. I couldn't get the whole length pictured here but it's labradorite flash for days. And it looks so perfect with the carnelian drop. It's absolutely a sweater blue jean piece. There's some serious heft to it, but still a delicate duo. I adore it! I hope you see what I see here...:)

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